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2014-12-19 14:37:49 by theblackkangaroo

i guess im going to keep making parodys cuz they are the most downloaded songs on my profile. look out for more buddies! 

ok whoever took that post i said about the fake profile seriously needs to have their brain checked. i did nothing wrong it was a joke. ive been here for a long time and your seriously going to ban me for 7 days because of a fucking joke? fucking mods

Buy my album!

2014-12-11 01:48:41 by theblackkangaroo i would really aprricate it if you bought my album! :) hope ya like it


2014-12-06 20:28:22 by theblackkangaroo



2014-10-29 04:18:53 by theblackkangaroo

hmu guys ready for collabs and shit!!!! down for voice acting. 

Ok so a few days ago i made some tea from the infamous datura aka jimson weed. i drank the tea, it was fine at first but ended up turning on me. i was having conversations with people that wernt there, i ended up thinking that a gang was tyring to break into my house. i grabbed a baseball bat and a can of gasoline and well....... the cops showed up while i was pouring gassonline all over the ground.... i wasnt arrested but i had to sleep in my car the whole night... dont FUCKING DO IT~


2014-08-14 22:37:40 by theblackkangaroo

Its my firsty clock day im so excited. 

suck my cock warts

2014-07-28 15:57:58 by theblackkangaroo

harry potter


2014-07-22 10:11:01 by theblackkangaroo

De Bow Bow just came out with a few other songs i made, download them now before i become an internet celeb from de bow bow, you can like it before its cool. 


2014-07-21 15:55:31 by theblackkangaroo

who wants to circle jerk?